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Rear View Mirror 12-17-12

John Schommer
Monday, December 17, 2012

Yes folks since next Monday is Christmas Eve and the following Monday is New Year’s Eve, so this is the last RVM of 2012. Do not shed a tear though; RVM will pick up where it left off Monday, Jan. 7.


Now let’s get to what happened over the weekend in racing, what it lacked in abundance was made up for by how killer the Race of Champions was. Also, following up last week’s climactic feature of Forza vidoephile Domestic Mango, we have another astounding video editor, DJ Lime.


ROC—Race of Champions—Bangkok, Thailand

There is so much to love about the Race of Champions, starting with the gathering of some of the best drivers in the world across several racing disciplines. The contestants read like a history book of racing championship winners. Jalopnik had several stories that provide a level of detail RVM just cannot accommodate, but I encourage you to read their rundown of the Race of Champions. It explains the logic of the track, lists all of the competitors, and many interesting details.


If you don’t care about the drivers then you could appreciate the event for the cars alone. From the new Toyota GT86 with its well-applied 197hp in stock form to the specially built ROC Car that weighs a little more than 1,000 lbs., the list of rides is as diverse as the list of champions who get to compete in them. Check out the entire list with specs here.


Day one of the competition decided the Nation’s Cup, where teams of drivers represented their home nations or regions and battled their way through round after round to determine a winner. Germans Michael Schumacher and Sebastien Vettel won the Nation’s Cup, as they have the last six years. Watch the entire competition on YouTube, which contains more than three hours of radical racing.



Day Two is a competition to determine the top individual driver. Despite his F1 season faux pas that caused multiple car crashes on several occasions, Frenchman Romain Grosjean won the individual competition. Take a look at his final round victory against racing legend Tom Kristensen.


Trophée Andros Andorra

Round Two of the Trophée Andros took place in the tiny principality of Andorra, located in the eastern Pyrenees Mountains bordered by France and Spain. Andorra is the sixth smallest nation of Europe. Tourism is their largest draw and you can bet the Trophée Andros is a welcome spectacle.


Watch these guys take off from the start and put in a couple laps.



Next, check out this in-car video that really gives an idea of the kind of angle these cars are carrying through the course.


For the individual race results of the Andros trophy (gas powered) and the Trophy Electrical (uh, electric cars) races, check out the Trophée Andros site.


Featured Artist--DJ Lime

Following up last week’s feature of the incredible video creations of Domestic Mango is the only other Forza videographer that I have seen with a similar level of skill at the wheel and in the editing booth. Heck, even Mango called this guy his competition. DJ Lime is a driver of amazing skill, an inspired and creative painter, and his videos are doggone sick. As a writer I can also appreciate his well-written and high-quality bio submission. So I bring you DJ Lime in his own words. Be sure to read every word but, by all means, you have got to see his two-wheel world record attempt; it is a jaw-dropping bit of wheeling.


All Day GWD

Some of you might think all we do is sit around and play Forza all day; certainly we know some of you do. But actually we are busy little beavers doing everything from bringing you the latest in racing news to making sure the Forza ship is running as tight as possible.


This Thursday is going to be different. We will all be sitting at our desks sans pants, and tearing up the tracks of Forza Motorsport and the roads of Horizon’s Colorado with all y’all. OK, maybe we will keep our pants on, but nonetheless all day the whole community team will be taking turns playing Forza with you in an all-day, end of 2012 GWD. Some work, like writing Heavy Metal Affliction, will have to take place too. I will see you in out official Facebook chat room and in Forza on Thursday after 10 a.m. Pacific and before 5 p.m. And oh, yes there will be unicorns, and codes, and lots of the tail ends of my race cars to see.


FYI About DLC content winner from swtluu21.


Andy Pilgrim Q&A

If, after racing with us all day, winning unicorns, and reveling in all things Forza is not enough for you—and even if it is—be sure to tune in to Andy Pilgrim’s HMA thread for this Thursday’s Q&A with Andy Pilgrim. I have been collecting questions from HMA followers and will present them to Cadillac Racing and PWC Driver Andy Pilgrim from 7-9 p.m. Pacific. If you posted a question and I use it in the interview, you will get a Horizon unicorn. There’s still time to contribute a well-thought question so read the story, read the questions that have been submitted, and offer your best question for Andy.


FYI About DLC Winners

Last week we published another edition of FYI About DLC. It offers up cool video footage, little known data of the cars of the pack, and asks you to contribute your own findings and creations.


To those of you who contributed, thank you for your efforts. The following were my favorite researched findings and creations. The pictures in RVM today are also FYI About DLC contest winners. Unicorns will be sent tomorrow. Congratulations to the winners, including:


FYI About DLC content winner from D3AN 711.


Chaotic GTS for his pictures, details and presentation—told from the perspective of living inside Forza Horizon.

leopauldelr’s very thorough compilation of the facts of the F12berlinetta and bringing up the very cool fact that Forza Horizon is the first game ever to feature it.

CelsoMarques for his remarkable comparison between the Ferrari F12berlinetta rear end and the female uterus—opposed to the male uterus…Doh! He also has some great intel on the AMX and GTX1.

Flatdarkmars for the detail of the 1971 Trans Am championship in which the Javelin-AMX swept the podium.

HIROPROTAGON1ST for the little known facts of the McLaren F1, especially the bit about the McLaren’s Gordon Murray’s dislike of the one thing in the F1 he discovered upon inspecting his own after production.

Also Verruckt Shakal and TomN94’s photos who I did not have room to feature.


As the 2012 Virtual Motorsports season comes to a close there is no shortage of excitement as the second of three Championship races has taken place to determine the title of 2012 VM Champion.


Check out the VM weekly newsletter for the details and the latest goings on in VM online racing.


Here is a brief clip that shows the action from race two of the VM Championship that took place at Sebring.



Rally Expansion Available Tomorrow

I am so honestly excited about the Horizon Rally Expansion Pack. My article that talks about the details of the pack says it perfectly in one simple phrase—game changer. It literally changes Forza Horizon. It adds not just five new cars and a slew of new rally events to compete in, it includes the ability to turn any car in your garage into a rally racer by adding rally upgrades.


Take a Lancia Delta Integrale—already a capable off-roader—then add rally tires, a rally suspension and rally drivetrain and the result is a frickin’ rally race car with incredible potential. The rally tires compund allows for controlled slides without sacrificing grip on loose dirt and gravel, the suspension provides high riding, jump-dampening agility that would have your standard race suspension bottoming out, and the rally transmission is a close ratio design that offers lightning quick acceleration and more easily maintained four-wheel drifting speed.


But, by all means, don’t take my word for it. Pick up the Rally Expansion pack for Forza Horizon and see for yourself.


FYI About DLC content winner from Lazarus Jackson.


Updated Bondurant Results

If you have been competing in the Bondurant Challenge to see who the top driver is across drift, drag, autocross and hot lapping, Fred just updated the results in the Bondurant Challenge thread.


Congratulations to all the racers and good luck to all who have yet to give it a shot.


So that, my Forza friends, wraps up 2012 for RVM; I have been so proud to bring the latest racing and Forza news to you. May 2013 bring us another exciting year in racing and many more editions of RVM.


Happy 2013 folks! That is, assuming the Mayans are completely wrong about this Friday.


As always, I appreciate your comments and inspiration for the Unicorn Saint to bestow you with lusty gifts of automotive peculiarity and intrigue in the RVM thread.