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Rear View Mirror 11-5-12

John Schommer
Monday, November 5, 2012

As the two biggest racing series’ get closer to the ends of their seasons, the racing is getting more exciting and the drama more intense. Welcome to this week’s Rear View Mirror, Forza Motorsport’s look back on the weekend in racing and what is going on in the world of Forza.


Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The Abu Dhabi facility is amazing in every regard. Its immaculate surface and surroundings, the nearby Ferrari World theme park, the tunnel via which the cars return to the track from pitting… all of it was money well spent. As the sun went down the race became even more spectacular, and not just due to the awe-inspiring lighting.


Kimi Raikkonen and Lotus finally got their 2012 win. After Lewis Hamilton fell off due to fuel problem, the “Iceman” knew it was up to him. He even said as much when his team radioed him about Alonso being behind him, his now-infamous answer, “Just leave me alone I know what I’m doing!”


This race had excitement at every angle. Multiple on-track incidents, the driver’s championship on the line, the constructor’s championship nearly clinched by Red Bull and, without doubt, Sebastian Vettel’s astounding drive from the back of the pack, including a recovery from needing a new nose.


At the finish it was Raikkonen, Alonso, Vettel, who also happen to be the top three drivers vying for the driver’s championship.


There are two more races. Two weeks to the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, TX, then the finale in Brazil.


Here is a You Tube video that captures the “Iceman’s” responses.


And here is one that summarizes the race, including the Nico Rosberg/Narain Karthikeyan wreck.



Aussie V8 Supercars—Abu Dhabi

It must have been a sight to see the Aussie V8’s racing in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi track is so smooth—the aggregate used for the surface was actually shipped all the way from the U.K.--and offers incredible high-speed straights, coupled with every type of corner. After practice and qualifying they raced two 12-lap contests on the 4.7-kilometer circuit prepared for them.


Will Davison took the pole in qualifying but was beaten on Saturday and Sunday by Jamie Whincup. Davison took second both days and was followed by Shane van Gisbergen on Saturday. Sunday, Tim Slade of Lucky 7 Racing placed third. For more details on how it went down check here.


Check out qualifying and below is some video coverage of the races:



NASCAR—AAA Texas 500

Top Sprint Cup Chase contenders Brad Keselowski and Jimmie Johnson battled it out with the championship points lead on the line. Had Keselowski won he would be in the lead by one point. However, he was beaten by eight tenths of a second by J.J., who extended his points lead from two to seven.


The top two were followed by Kyle Busch—who missed the Chase by only three points—then Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart, and Clint Bowyer who are in contention for the Sprint Cup.


NASCAR’s most popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. delivered a solid and aggressive race, showing he is back full stride after suffering a concussion and missing a couple races to recover.


Looking for more NASCAR news? Check here.



Lazarus Jackson’s Forza Motorsport 4 community photo contest entry.


Featured Artist—Lazarus Jackson

If you participate or lurk about in the community photo contests it’s no doubt you have seen the work of Lazarus Jackson. He is a member of Forzatography International [FTI] club. Read on to not only learn more about who LJ is in the real world and what drives his Forza passion, but some details about the origin of his GT and that of his Lazarus brethren. I hope you enjoy his story.


New Forza Community page updated weekly

I don’t know if you have noticed but we have fixed up the Community page on, and it is getting updated weekly with new photo contest winners. It’s just one more place your work can be seen when you win our community photo contests in Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon. Check it out. Winners are chosen on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the contests closing on Monday evening and Wednesday evening. Budding novices and old pros are all welcome to enter.


Ken Kurtz Livery and Tuning Contest Winners

Well it was a super fun month of racing against Ken Kurtz in the “Heart of a Champion” rivals mode, Ken’s own “Race the Racer” events and the seeing what the community came up with for the livery and tuning contests.


In the end Ken was 36th out of over 23,000 people that competed. Those who beat Ken can PM me for their prize of unicorn of choice and May-October DLC code of choice. I have the leaderboard data to look to but I also need to know what you want for a prize. Those of you who beat me , GT johniwanna, will receive the GT500 unicorn soon. That is some 3,500 people!


In the livery contest the winners—chosen by Ken-- were:




And there were many tunes submitted, but Ken found these tunes to be either fun to use or close to his own near perfect tunes.


AOT Notorious1--HMR Motorhead--SMS motorsport--Tpr rayzor jdm--Bdi boosted

All winners need to send me a PM in the forums and tell me their FM4 unicorns of choice.


If you submitted a design to be considered for Ken’s real race car redesign, that contest is still open until November 15. So if you have an idea there is still time to enter. Check Ken’s thread for more details.


Speaking of winners, Ken has mathematically locked up his 4th GT championship. He will still be racing in the upcoming final race of the season, but certainly congratulations are in order. Amazing dominance! Look for coverage in Rear View Mirror of Ken’s final race of the USTCC season and the upcoming 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race.


Some of the most competitive online racing takes place week after week at Virtual Motorsports. Right now they have five different racing series going on. For the details of how last week’s racing went down read the 52nd edition of the VM Newsletter.


Here is this month’s VM Calendar contest winner. This guy has been getting better and better and it’s beginning to reflect in the number of contests he is winning. Congratulations Turkeyboy696X!


Virtual Motorsport October calendar contest winner from Turkeyboy696X


Check out this mammoth video put together by DKS Munky AjDZ recapping the Silverstone Grand Prix in the VM Super GT Series 3.



Britcar 24 Hours

September was an incredible month for TORA with a presence at the Britcar and Eurogamer events. Look for their upcoming Nurburgring 8 Hours Endurance event on the Nordschliefe track.


They created this full length documentary showing and showcasing their experience at the Britcar 24 Hours.



Check out the TORA site for the latest is the TORA GT, ISCC and the TORA Endurance Championship.


Worm’s Tuning Tip of the Week

This week VVV Worm--tuning master-- offers some advice on how to get the best out of your Forza Horizon ride.


“A larger front tire size will allow more turn in and turn around a corner. A larger rear tire size will help stabilize the rear of the car. For instance a good initial build for a FWD or AWD vehicle is one size larger in the front width than the rear. This also works in FM4 if your options are limited to builds where there are no adjustable parts. Some cars are even better like this or near equal.”


QUANTUM DRiFTER’s Weekly Forza Challenge

Forza community member QUANTUM DRiFTER has been offering a weekly challenge similar to the community bounty. Each week his is setting lap times and drift scores to beat and offering prizes to those that beat him. He is doing this for FM4 and Horizon. Check out the thread here.


That’s all for today folks, look to a new racer profile in this week’s Heavy Metal Affliction on Thursday!


If you would like to comment on the content of Rear View Mirror, please do so in the RVM thread.