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Rear View Mirror 11-26-12

John Schommer
Monday, November 26, 2012


With the completion of the Formula 1 season and only one race left in the Aussie V8 Supercars series, the major racing series have mostly wrapped up for 2012. Don’t worry though; Rear View Mirror has plans to bring global off-season racing news and racing history tidbits to you each week along with the latest happenings in the world of Forza.


Formula 1 Grand Prix of Brazil

Chaos. It began at the first turn when Bruno Senna took out Sergio Perez and spun Sebastian Vettel, and did not end until the final lap and a World Champion was realized. The final race of the season held more surprises than anyone expected and the on-again, off-again rain only added to the complexity of it all. Vettel, having survived the 180-degree spin delivered by Senna, faced the entire field that miraculously avoided his Red Bull and passed him. By the end of the race Vettel worked his way back to sixth, keeping driver championship rival Fernando Alonso in his sights. This was enough to earn his third consecutive Formula 1 championship. At 25, Vettel is the youngest driver ever to join the legendary ranks of the triple—or more—championship club. Juan Manuel Fangio--who dominated the first decade of Formula 1--and Michael Schumacher of more recent years are the other elite members.


Nico Hulkenberg and his Force India were on a tear leading much of the race before getting sideways and losing the lead to Lewis Hamilton. Unfortunately for Hamilton a few laps later when Hulkenberg attempted to retake the lead, the resulting collision ended the race for Hamilton. The collision earned Hulkenberg a drive-through penalty and left him to earn fifth. Force India teammate Paul Di Resta spun into the wall with only two laps left, forcing the finish behind the safety car.


Ferrari did all they could to keep the championship fight alive to the very end. However, they finished second and third behind McLaren’s Jenson Button. After Hamilton’s crash, this was enough to lock up second place in the Constructor’s Championship. Again Felipe Massa faithfully supported his team leader by driving like a superstar. Massa’s start was one of the most incredible of the season. Ferrari’s season-long campaign was hearty, but simply affected by too many incidents that did not come in their favor.


So ends the 2012 Formula season, I’m already psyched for next year!


For a moment I thought Kimi Raikkonen had had enough of the weather and was trying to find his way to a pub to relax. Check out this video of his off-track adventure.



Forza Horizon December Car Pack

Look for the announcement of the cars of the Forza Horizon December Car Pack tomorrow. The pack includes six new rides to add to your Forza Horizon garage. Each one offers a new driving experience or canvas for your designs. There is of course a free sample car as well, so look to our Twitter feed and the official Forza Motorsport Facebook page tomorrow for the story.


Forza Motorsport 4 community photo contest favorite from shotgunsteve93.


Bondurant Challenge Update

If you are looking to see how your driving skills match up against the rest of the Forza community you should hit the Bondurant Challenge. Test your mettle in all Forza Motorsport 4 driving disciplines. Hot lapping, Drifting, Drag and Autocross. The best combined scores will receive cool Bondurant School of High Performance Driving Gear. The rest of you will know where you stand against your peers.


Friday we will be announcing the December events. For more details about the Bondurant Challenge check out all the rules here.


Here is a link to the updated standings. Congratulations to current leader AziDhk EVOLVED.


Featured Community Member--Bukasaurus

When I first took part in the judging of the community livery contest I was blown away by the level of detail artists could achieve. The work done by community member Bukasaurus is exemplary of what the Forza Motorsport 4 livery editor is capable of. His work has won many community livery contests and is always worth a look.


Read his auto-biographical tale and check out his then and now gallery here.


Dueling CBH’s

It was a fierce Community Bounty in Rivals mode this last week with two community team members pride on the table.


Alex was fighting for traction in “Parks and Recreation” in Forza Horizon. Only about 1,300 people beat his final time of 50.254, that is less than the 3,000 he wagered against. So unfortunately or thankfully depending on how you look at it we won’t be seeing him dressed up as Gandolf. Don’t get it? Check out his thread for the details and trash talk.


Now a word from ApexHunterT10:


“Now that my Community Bounty Hunter challenge is over and the lucky few who beat me will be getting their Honda CR-Xs soon, I want to thank everyone who competed. There was some great trash-talking and a lot of fierce competition, and of course, LOTS of Pontiac Trans Ams. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did too.”


Forza Motorsport 4 community photo contest favorite from XC Pazz.


Our EMEA Community Manager Ian Webster had his hands full in “Off The Wagon” in Forza Motorsport 4. This autocross event would have had him sporting a NASCAR shirt for a day had he not placed lower than 3,000. Well, his British racing pride is safe since he came in at 1,157 with a time of 2:23.093.


 A few words from HeliosT10:


“Wow that was intense, thanks to everyone who took part and I hope you had fun and didn't tear your hair out too much trying to better your times. If you managed to beat my time (which over 1,100 of you managed), then you’re soon going to be the proud new owner of a BMW M3 GTR Unicorn Car! As for how I think the bounty went personally for me, I’m pretty pleased overall with my performance, and whilst I didn’t quite manage to get under my target time of 2:20.00, I certainly feel like my Autocross skillset has been given a massive bump during the past week. One thing I’m definitely proud and relieved of is the fact that I managed to beat the challenge that phREDESIGN set me of placing inside the top 3,000 lap times, meaning it looks like you’re going to have to wait to see me in that NASCAR shirt.


To all of you who sent me Autocross tips, tunes, and their Turn 10 Community Team related stories as part of my side challenges I really appreciate it, and I’ll be announcing in the next day or so which people will be receiving unicorns for these.”


If you are looking for an opportunity to race online in organized events, Virtual Motorsports has been offering clean racing for all levels of driving talent. Every week, hours of racing in a variety of events are available.


This week the VM Classics Series 3 wrapped up and the grid is set for the upcoming 2.4 Hour Le Mans Endurance race. Check out the VM Weekly Newsletter for more details.


Check out this video from the VM SpecRacing Series 3. It really shows how close the competition is.



That’s it for this week folks!


Post your comments and suggestions for winter racing coverage in the RVM thread.