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Rear View Mirror 11-12-12

John Schommer
Monday, November 12, 2012

As the NASCAR Sprint cup is coming to a close, the competition and drama are heating up. We also congratulate Ken Kurtz on a fourth USTCC GT Championship.


Read on to see what happened over the weekend in racing and what is going on in the world of Forza. Welcome to another edition of Rear View Mirror.


NASCAR AdvoCare 500 at Phoenix International Raceway

So it comes down to one more race of the NASCAR season to decide who will take home the Sprint Cup in 2012. Brad Keselowski seems to have it wrapped up with a 20 point lead over closest contender Jimmie Johnson. All Keselowski needs to do is finish 15th or better at the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway to earn his first championship.


On lap 234 Johnson lost his right front tire at about the worst time possible and hit the wall. He finished the race but dropped to 32nd place after getting the car repaired and back on the track. Johnson has won six of the last seven NASCAR seasons.


Kevin Harvick won the race, Denny Hamlin took second and Kyle Bush took third. In the championship this moves Harvick up three spots to eighth. Hamlin moves up two spots to fifth, and fourth place finisher Kasey Kahne moves up one place to third. This is all largely uneventful in the hunt for the championship since only Johnson and Keselowski are in the running for the overall win.


Tempers flared and fisticuffs ensued when Jeff Gordon waited for Clint Bowyer then deliberately took him out, he even said on his radio he was waiting for him. In doing so he also took out Joey Logano and nearly collected Keselowski in the process. All three cars were extensively damaged. Gordon’s unprofessional, selfish act sets a new low in the behavior of driver’s that are supposed to be at the top of their game. It’s amazing what some people think they are entitled to.


Here is what Keselowski had to say about the incident. There’s pretty much no doubt how he feels about it.


Check out this video of the on track and off track incidents and tell me what you think in the RVM thread.



USTCC Nitto Tires Race at Sonoma—Kurtz Wins Fourth Championship!

As if there was any doubt he would not, Ken Kurtz—Heavy Metal Affliction featured driver—took home his fourth USTCC GT Class Championship. Ken had already locked up the championship before the start of the final race of the season. That didn’t stop him from laying down fastest lap in qualifying and leading the race from flag to flag.


After getting to know this man through his features in Heavy Metal Affliction and a month of competing against him in October’s “Heart of a Champion” Rivals mode it was clear Kurtz is a master of gears, rubber and horsepower.


Congratulations Ken! This is one more amazing accomplishment to add to your already lengthy story of success. Watch Kurtz as he races his BMW M3 in the upcoming 25 Hours of Thunderhill December 8-9.


Shea Holbrook Heavy Metal Affliction Feature, Livery Contest and Q&A

While we are on the topic of Heavy Metal Affliction and successful race drivers, be sure to check out last week’s feature on Pirelli World Championship driver Shea Holbrook and her 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe.


We are also offering a re-create Holbrooks race car livery contest. The 2012 Honda Civic Coupe is part of the January Jalopnik Car Pack. Holbrook will be picking the winning livery and we will be gifting Forza Horizon unicorns to the winners.


If you are not a designer but still want to participate, take advantage of this opportunity to gain insight from an up and coming PWC race driver, Holbrook will be available for a forum Q&A on 11/20 7-9 pm on 11/20. Submit your questions in the HMA thread. Those who submit questions featured in the Q&A will receive a Forza Horizon unicorn of choice.


Here is a video of Holbrook, rocking a fast lap at Sonoma. The girl is fast and that Honda sounds so sweet!



Bondurant Challenge Current Standings

Are you giving the Bondurant Challenge a shot? Fred has just updated the standings. Take a look at how the entrants with the best overall, drag, drift, autocross, and hot lapping skills are matching up.


This week RobRSV has got the top spot, but CBR Niko is hot on his trail.


Here is a link to the updated standings. Winners will receive Bondurant gear.


Community Member Profile—Windswept Dragon

With such and interesting group of folks out there in the Forza community, we are featuring some of the different artists and personalities I have encountered. This week is WindsweptDragon from Edinburgh, Scotland. Artist, photographer, and forum member since FM2.


One of WindsweptDragon’s latest shots from Forza Horizon.


Check out WindsweptDragon—whose GT was auto-generated— and his body of work in his own words here.


QUANTUM DRiFTER’s Horizon Challenge

Last week I featured QUANTUM DRiFTER’s drifting challenge, but now he has taken it up a notch and lauched a weekly Horizon challenge as well. Check the thread here. If you’re looking for someone else to beat or compete with each week QUANTUM DRiFTER will have his challenge posted. Good luck to everyone who gives it a shot.


Horizon Player Stats

SatNiteEduardo sent me a link to a cool thread created by FifiRaceR where folks are posting their Horizon gameplay stats. I always find these threads interesting because it provides insight into how different people play the game—and how much some people play. The thread is still growing so post your stats and see how you compare.


NHRA Crash Video Comparison

We all watch racing for the thrill, sometimes that thrill is in the form of spectacular crashes. This week I offer a couple NHRA crash videos. Which one do you think is more awesome? If this section garners your appreciation I will do another next week. Only the cars were hurt in these wrecks.


Pro-Stock Huge Flip and Airborne Wreck

10,000 HP Jet Dragster Crash


VVV Worms Tuning Tip of the Week

This week tuning God VVVWorm tells us about downforce.


“Downforce is the amount of air that goes over the car at speed. With wings (Forza aero) installed you can increase or decrease this number to create more grip while also creating more drag and getting less straight line speed and vice versa. Balancing this can drastically improve the vehicle. Front aero creates more turn in and oversteer while rear aero creates more understeer and a more stable back end. This means downforce is useful at any cornering stage and useless when the car is traveling in a straight line. Downforce and the application of the parts that create it also give you a PI reduction which can allow you to improve the cars build at the expense of straight line speed. Downforce in Forza seems to really hamper the straight line speed of the vehicle at 100-110 mph.”


This week Virtual Motorsports invites you to compete in a new endurance event and is announcing the winners of the VM Super GT Series.


VM 2.4 Le Mans Endurace


This event is scheduled for Sunday 25th November at 14:00 CST / 20:00 GMT / 06:00 AEST, with the final qualifying session held on the previous Sunday prior to the event. This is a 2.4 hour race around Le Mans Full in two V8 powered classes. The faster class uses the Chevrolet LMPc car, and the second slower class will consist of the V8 Supercars (Ford and Holden).


The VM Super GT Series 3 wrapped up this week; out of a total of 69 drivers, 4 champions were crowned.


Drivers Champion: #955 VVV Takumi

Teams Champions: Triple A Gallardo (#955 VVV Takumi, #892 VVV Micko, #77 VVV Lippakorv)

Privateers Champion: #33 EZT AXE

Rookie Champion: #77 VVV Lippakorv


For more information read the VM newsletter and if you want to see how the racing in the VM Classics Series went down take a look at this video of the action at Old Le Mans.



ITC Trophy Cup Video

International Trophy Cup Racing is a series of two classes of spec Porsche Cayman's. These promotional videos utilize Forza Motorsport 4 and good and proper use of the Porsche Expansion Pack  to show off the cars of that series .

brntguy of Atlantic LS Promos is an incredible videographer and has put together this video showcasing the killer liveries and just how the cars match up on track.


Find out more about the real life race here.



Atlantic LS was also asked to put together a promo video for the upcoming 2013 season.


That’s it for this week my Forza friends!


As always if you are hunting for Forza Motorsport 4 unicorns and have an interesting comment to add about the content of Rear View Mirror please post about it in the RVM thread.