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Rear View Mirror 10-15-12

John Schommer
Monday, October 15, 2012


Welcome to another edition of Rear View Mirror, Forza’s look back at the weekend in racing and what is going on in the Forza community.


With Forza Horizon’s upcoming release, we have been busy in the hallowed halls of Turn 10. Check out the Week In Review from this past Friday to read the rave reviews of Forza Horizon. Having raced on the open roads of Horizon’s Colorado quite a bit now I must say that I am hooked. With the killer scenery, massively fun multiplayer, and the rush of hitting 267 mph on the four-lane highway in a Hennessy Venom, the game is fantastic fun. If you have been travelling in space, or have your head stuck somewhere that prevents awareness of awesome things, Forza Horizon will be released next week, starting on October 23.


Now, onto the weekend in racing…


Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix

In a race that demonstrated Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull’s dominance, the championship points lead shifted hands from Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso to Vettel. After qualifying, it was understood Red Bull had the cars to beat, and they proved it by taking first and second. Vettel is now poised to take the championship for the third time in a row.



Following Red Bull were the Scuderia Ferrari’s of Alonso and Felipe Massa. Massa had to be told to stay behind Alonso and to increase his gap. Massa clearly had the faster pace but, as a team player who just renewed his contract with Ferrari for next year, he did as he was told and assured Ferrari enough points to move ahead of McLaren in the constructor’s points standings.


Kamui Kobayashi lost favor with fellow drivers Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg after taking them out. Kobayashi later retired due to damage from the incident (after serving a drive-through penalty).


Check out a couple laps in Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari.


Formula Drift Round 7: Title Fight— Rob Primo’s Inside Line on the FD Finale

The final round of Formula Drift took place this weekend in Irwindale, CA. Rob Primo, 2013 Formula Drift driver, Heavy Metal Affliction featured driver, and Forza community member was there soaking in the sun and loving every minute of the intense competition.


Check out Primo’s full coverage  of the event in this forum post. 


NASCAR—Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway

After last week’s massive 25-car wreck in the last lap at Talladega, the Bank of America 500 was the first race since 1979 to not include an Earnhardt in the field. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is sitting out to heal his concussion from that horrendous wreck last week.



It came down to fuel management to determine the winner. Chase points leader Brad Keselowski ran out of fuel while leading the race, then finished 11th after coasting into the pits to refuel. The race winner Clint Bowyer was so low on fuel he couldn’t even do a burnout to celebrate. This was his first win at Charlotte, he finished just .417 seconds ahead of Denny Hamlin making for a Toyota 1-2. Jimmie Johnson followed in third.


For the full Chase for the Sprint Cup standings and more stories check out the  NASCAR site .


50 years of Shelby Cobra at Monterrey

It may have taken place in August but the coverage on Speed this weekend brought this incredible event to my attention. Celebrating 50 years of the Shelby Cobra, 35 of the rarest Shelby Cobra’s came together for an unbelievable race.  There were all types of Cobras: Daytona Coupes, 289 small blocks, 427 big blocks (some would say the most desirable), and even roadsters with removable coupe tops. All in all more than $75 million worth of Cobra’s were present. Jim Click in the #19—a 289 powered Cobra, known as the winningest Cobra of all time—took the win.


Here is some footage  of the race.


What Do You Want to See?

As summer racing series wind down, we want to know what you would like to see covered over the winter months. Post your suggestions in the RVM thread .

Featured Club—Crash Misfits

Some guys like to race, some drift, and some are looking for their place to fit in. The Crash Misfits club is for folks who do a little of everything. Especially jumping things and having fun together. Here are a few words from co-leader Crash xMISFITSx.


“Well, where do I start? I came up with the name for the club back in Forza 3 it’s called Misfits just cuz were a group of guys that are into cars and just playing around with cars. It came to Forza 4 which lead to great things and the club grew fast from like 10 guys to 20 or 25. We do a bunch of stuff like drift, drag and all-around racing. For myself ,Crash xMISFITSx, it’s all about drift. I love to drift, it takes me to another place. When I’m online drifting --and I’m pretty good at it—I’m ranked in AWD drifting around 300 on the leaderboard and our club is currently ranked 189 in AWD drifting which in my book is pretty good. We are looking for new people to join, we would like to get VIPs only but were open to all comers. We mostly drift either online or by ourselves but we do all of our own tunes and paints. iblzn xMISFITSx is pretty much our paint guy that does great work."


They are recruiting interested parties so send Crash xMISFITSx a PM if you are looking for a fun bunch of drivers to enjoy Forza with. You can bet with the coming of Forza Horizon these guys will find all the good hits and be catching huge air, drifting like there’s no tomorrow and generally having a good time.


Works of Art PhotoComp from Lazarus Jackson

If you are into photography you have probably heard of the Lazarus photographers. They consistently enter the community photo contest and always do well. They recently hosted a “Works of Art” photography contest featuring Italian supercars.


Here is the winning entry from nonficshaun:



If you would like to check out the rest of the entries see the contest thread.


Worm’s Tuning Tip of the Week

If you have been on the forums you know VVV Worm is a god among men when it comes to tuning. Each week he will be offering up tips to get the most out of your Forza Motorsport garage.


“Don't be afraid to try new things. Sometimes an anti-roll bar setting of 10 front and 10 rear may be good and sometimes 40 and 40 may be better. Some of you may remember the 1 and 40 setting from titles past and it can also still apply. You can always save what you've liked and come back to it. Doing things to this extreme may help you translate the setting you moved to what you feel with the car. Remember to only move one thing at a time. You don't want to move every setting and have no clue what messed the vehicle up. S700 tip 6.6 handling and 8.8 acceleration together is minimal for a good track car, you need to get both.”



Virtual Motorsports—50th Newsletter

If you are looking to step up your game and get into organized online racing, the guys at Virtual Motorsports have a variety of race series to choose from.


Check out their newsletter for all the latest happenings as well as race recaps, photo contests and even a chance to win unicorns celebrating their 50th newsletter.


Watch just how close the racing action was at Suzuka this past week in the VM GP2 Series 3. Or the close quartered in-car footage from race three of the VM Stockhatch Series 3 at Motegi East.


Ken Kurtz “Heart of a Champion” Rivals Mode and Contests—Beat Johniwanna challenge

Compete against three-time USTCC GT champion driver Ken Kurtz in the monthly Rivals mode “Heart of a Champion.” Kurtz has been winning nonstop since he became a driver in the USTCC, WERC and Miata Spec Series. He is also in the top 30 of almost 15,000 participants thus far. The guy is fast on the track and in Forza Motorsport, really fast.


So to add another element of competition and give more than just a handful of players a shot at a unicorn, if you beat me—Gamertag Johniwanna you can earn a unicorn, the Mustang Shelby GT500.


Check out the main thread to get in on trivia, the replicate Ken’s car livery contest, the tuning contest and even a chance to get your design on Ken’s real life USTCC race car.


That’s it for this week folks, see you on Thursday for part two of the Ken Kurtz story—the interview.