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The E3 2012 Demo

John Schommer
Monday, June 4, 2012

The moment you put your hands to the controller to play the Forza Horizon E3 2012 demo, you know you’re about to experience something special. After all, Forza Horizon is a new take on the Forza franchise; an open-world action racing game that transports players to the epic open roads of Colorado. It’s where gearheads mix with hipster kids in a clashing cacophonous clamor of V12 engines and driving beats. Forza Horizon promises a huge open world for players to explore in their dream cars and it all starts with this, the E3 demo. Here, we’ll take you through the experience of the Horizon E3 demo from start to finish—to give you a taste of what you’ll be playing when Forza Horizon is released on October 23, 2012!


The action begins at the unassuming Lakeside Diner, where drivers have gathered ahead of making the final push to the Horizon Festival. Suddenly, the call goes out: the first ten cars to arrive at the Horizon Festival will win a place in the next day's festival race events! From there, the goal is simple: Put your foot down and get to the festival as fast as you can to claim your place at the party! Suddenly, it’s a mad dash, as drivers sprint for their cars and peel out of the driveway. The next instant, you’re loaded into your ride—the unadulterated American supercar that is the 2013 SRT Viper—and the race begins! 



As you light out toward the festival at the end of the pack, you will immediately feel the familiar Forza physics translating your intense burnout to your hands. The gravel surface changes to pavement and your Viper drifts and grabs for traction in an effort to catch your opponents on the road ahead. Point multipliers reward you for every bit of style you lay down and each feat of havoc you reap. Barreling along the side of a mountain, an opportunity to pass an opponent presents itself; trading paint with traffic or destroying roadside objects like fences and signs intensifies the action and multiplies your style score. Roughly mid-way through the demo, a speed-trap captures your personal best speed as you blast through at better than 140 mph. These are just a few examples of the kinds of constant feedback and ever-present action that Forza Horizon will offer.




A sharp right at a fork in the road finds the Viper scratching for pavement (or crashing through a fence, if you aren’t careful). The scenery gently transitions from mountains to farmland and dusk begins to fall. Forza Horizon is set in Colorado—home of some of the world’s most breathtaking natural landscapes as well as some of the best driving roads to be found anywhere on the planet. In addition, Forza Horizon will feature a dynamic day/night transition, adding a new layer of challenge to the races you’ll be running and a fresh aspect of beauty to the stunning settings you’ll be exploring. 



As you dodge and weave around oncoming cars and AI drivers in your final push to the finish, the Horizon Festival appears in the distance. A couple of final turns and you’ve arrived at the party. A night full of music, people, and automotive mayhem awaits! While the E3 demo has ended, the fun has only begun. Find out where the action goes from here as we unveil more about the game on all summer and stay tuned for the launch of the game on October 23!


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Forza Horizon: This is where cars belong!