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Heavy Metal Affliction -- Nissan Skyline GTS-T

John Schommer
Thursday, June 14, 2012

What is Heavy Metal Affliction? For some it is a passion, for others a need, but overall it is a drive to find cars that speak to us, and then apply our own taste, influence, and soul to them. In my case, I have never been able to settle on one car; usually owning three at a time to serve my affliction.


For Forza community member Cutneckdog, otherwise known as Dylan from Melbourne, Australia, it has been about one car: his first car. Dylan’s 1996 Nissan ECR33 Skyline GTS-T has been with him since shortly after he earned his driver’s license at 18, and has had an influence on not only him, but his family (his father later bought an R33 GT-R). Dylan is a well-spoken young man and has been making good decisions, prioritizing college, and setting his passion for cars aside somewhat so he can remain focused on what will largely determine his path in life. Despite this, he feels for his car. He feels bad that he hasn’t been able to buy it any parts for more than a year and he feels bad that it only gets driven a couple times a week. While I’m sure this hasn’t actually become a complex that will require therapy or medication, I get the sentiment.


Reading Dylan’s notes, I learned a new meaning of the word “import,” possibly the real meaning. In the States we speak of imports as cars built by manufacturers from other countries; sometimes those cars are even built in America. In Australia, an import is truly imported, paperwork and all, from the country of origin and there is a process associated with purchasing one. At 18, Dylan didn’t know much about cars but he liked the Japanese models and considered a Kouki S14 Silvia before locating and settling on a nice, white, low-kilometer R33 Skyline with an automatic transmission. He figured the automatic would be fine, not knowing where this car fancies might take him.



Now, as a student, Dylan had to pace himself with upgrading the car and still says it is not to his dream specifications. He has been busy since day one researching the right equipment through books such as HyperREV as well as online forums, making informed decisions, and building the car with specific goals in mind.


Now 24 years old, Dylan approached upgrading his car by always attempting to balance aesthetics, power, and handling. The goal has been to build a car that is a pleasure to both drive and look at. I would say he has hit the mark dead center as the purple paint, M Sports full wide body kit, grounded with blacked-out Bee Racing B5 wheels, and its aggressive stance demand attention at every glance. Opting to keep the original 2.5-liter to remain true to the GTS-T series shows self-control, but the laundry list of modifications including HKS cams, ARC Induction box, Trust Greddy front mount intercooler, XForce turbo-back exhaust, Apexi AVCR boost controller, and much more show a fondness for big Japanese brands. These came at no small expense, and Dylan has gotten his hands dirty in the process. Through it all, he has built up a motor that delivers a gentleman’s 360 horsepower to the rear wheels.


The result is a car that’s just as comfortable on the track as it is on a casual Sunday drive. It can deliver the power when required but not to the point of making the car intractable. As Dylan will tell you, this is a fantastic car to drive.



Dylan is planning numerous upgrades in the future including Project MU six piston front brakes, possibly another upgraded turbo and wider wheels and rear guards. For now the car is where he wants it and, while he is not considering an upgrade to an R33 GT-R (like his father’s), he has considered a Mitsubishi Evo9 as a daily driver and keeping his R33 as a project car.


Here is a complete list of upgrades he has installed followed by a gallery of photos.



  • M Sports full widebody kit
  • M Sports Carbon Canards
  • Nismo B Pillar Garnish
  • Origin Carbon Undercanards
  • Purple Respray


  • Manual conversion.
  • Ogura Single Plate Racing Clutch
  • Apexi Power FC and Hand Controller
  • Apexi AVCR and Boost Controller
  • R34 GTR Fuel Pump
  • HKS Cams (IN and EX)
  • Trust Greddy Cam Gears
  • Trust Greddy Timing Belt
  • ARC Induction Box
  • Trust Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
  • Trust Greddy Radiator
  • Trust Greddy Oil and Radiator Caps
  • Intake Plenum Adaptor
  • Radiator Hose Attachment
  • Cusco Oil Catch Can
  • XForce Turbo Back Exhaust System


Bee*Racing B5 Wheels



  • Tien Super Street Coilovers
  • Cusco Strut Brace (f)
  • Cusco Strut Brace (r)
  • Cusco Tension Rod


  •  Defi Link Controller
  • Defi Guages (Boost, Oil Temp and Water Temp)
  • Bride Low Max Gias (2)
  • Bride Seat Rails (2)
  • Bride Floor Mats
  • Keys! Racing Deep Dish Steering Wheel
  • Works Bell Boss kit
  • Nismo Kill Switch
  • Nismo Gear Knob
  • Alpine xd001 Head Unit














Thanks for sharing your car with us Dylan, and congratulations on a beautiful job. Good decisions go a long way as we can all see. This is a sweet first car to say the least. Good luck with your schooling and passion for cars!


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