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Heavy Metal Affliction Speedware Motorsports

John Schommer
Friday, May 25, 2012

 If you are one of the afflicted you know about the desire to turn your ride into the vision you have in your head. The wish list, the do nows and the save fors, maybe it’s a never-ending ongoing list that gets longer every time you read about what others have done. Maybe you have a very specific build with specific intentions, either way, getting there is half the fun, the other half is appreciating what you have created.


So far Heavy Metal Affliction has featured cars from the community and most of the work has been done by the owners in their own or borrowed shop space. This week we are going a different direction and exploring what can be done by experts, with the best of resources, and in some cases budgets that seem to have no limit. When budget is not part of the question and the goal of the ultimate car is purely sought after, the results can be out of this world.


Speedware Motorsports has been tricking out cars for over 18 years, they have a history with air-cooled Porsches  as well as anything exotic and provide everything from ground up fabrications to servicing daily drivers. They can build a one-off creation that comes from an owners mind, or make recommendations to get your car ready for some track time. Their experience, expertise and passion for what they do makes them a top candidate for taking your ride from stock to wherever you want to go(if you live in the Redmond, WA area). Speedware Motorsports has done work for some famous people over the years. When I was visiting, I ran in to former CART driver and kart chassis designer Alex Zanardi.  Now if a guy like this gets his cars serviced here, you know the quality of work is superb.



I was lucky to spend some time with Shaun Duncan, President of Speedware Motorsports, he told me about various builds they have done, showed me around their 25,000 foot facility and shared some of their history.


The inspiration for the business came about when he was having a hard time finding parts to upgrade his Lotus Super 7 that he raced at the time. It has since evolved into a complete design and fabrication facility with state of the art equipment and a running inventory of over $500,000 in racing gear and parts. Check out the Speedware Motorsports site and online store for everything from hats and racing gloves to complete wheel and suspension setups, brakes, racing seats, and more. They also have a super cool gallery of just a few of the projects they have done. So, even if you are building your car in your own shop, they can offer you the right top shelf parts.


Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some stunning photos taken of incredible cars under the care of Speedware Motorsports. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook (if you haven’t already) to catch these photos. Trust me, they will be worth checking out. So is this week’s featured ride, Shaun Duncan’s 1975 Porsche Carrera.


As one might imagine the owner of a shop like Speedware Motorsports is somewhat afflicted by a love for cars and customizing them. Shaun has owned many cars over the years but his favorite is his 1975 Porsche Carrera. He has owned this car for some time and is the second owner. When he got the car, it had a tired but original 2.7 liter flat-six in it. That was replaced with a euro 3.0 liter, which is a much stronger and more reliable engine to begin with, then balanced it, added a cam, and tricked it out. The sound is amazing coming through stainless SSI headers and stainless Monty twin-exit exhaust. A lightweight flywheel and that cam make for quick throttle response.


This era of 911 has an extremely long throw shifter and somewhat clunky gearbox, so Shaun upgraded to a Quaife gearbox and high performance clutch to get that power to the wheels smoothly and quickly.


One of Speedware Motorsport’s specialties is brakes, suspension, and wheels, so it was only natural to add Koni top adjust shocks with 22mm and 28mm torsion bars. In the braking department he went with correct Brembo large red calipers. The car rolls on color matched BBS LM forged wheels.


Inside Shaun has been through four sets of racing seats, but for now has settled on state of the art Sparco carbon DTM RS seats. The original door panels have been swapped out for RS America black door panels.

It looks gorgeous as you can see in these photos, and that is the original paint too. The car has never been wrecked or damaged.


There is more to the car, but let me just leave you with the notion that pretty much everything has been touched on this car to make it faster.


Thank you Shaun, for access to your shop and car, and thank you to Landin Williams our Cinematic Lead for the spectacular photos. To see more of Landin’s photography check out And like I mentioned, we will be sharing more shots of the cars we found at Speedware Motorsports on facebook in the upcoming days.


Now enjoy this gallery of photos from the shoot.


If you want to discuss this article check out the HMA thread. A unicorn to the first person that can tell me what car that last motor pic is from.  If you have a ride you would like us to feature post it in our request for community rides thread.


Next week HMA will be taking a break to focus on E3, but we will be back with more hot rides from the community the week of June 4.