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Heavy Metal Affliction Porsche Cayman S

John Schommer
Thursday, May 17, 2012

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 In the continuing saga that is “Porsche Love Month” in anticipation of the Porsche Expansion Pack’s upcoming release date on May 22, we have found another beautiful and awesome Porsche to cover.


You might think that all the folks who work at Turn 10 drive awesome sports cars and our parking lot is a veritable exotic car showroom. Not so. While we all share a love of cars (and video games) many folks here drive practical cars, some even take the bus. A few fanatics like me cannot help themselves from buying cars they love and modifying them to make them their own. This is the Heavy Metal Affliction, and Adam Wilson, one of our audio leads, has it bad.


Today, I was lucky enough to get some of Adam’s time and get in close and up front with his 2008 Porsche Cayman S. He took me for a ride, we shot a fun little video, and I got to roll the Cayman myself. I just got back from that experience and, let me say, it was a blast; so fun that I totally missed a deadline for some work. I hope now, after reading this, you can understand.



Adam is a driver, that is for sure, and he loves his cars. Previous to the Cayman, he owned a Black 2001 Honda S2000 that he decided to keep as well because, in his words, “It’s worth more in smiles than it is in dollars.” Previous to his audio work here at Turn 10, Adam was a Mercedes technician, and he even trained to support the Mercedes ALMS racing effort. So to say he knows cars is an understatement.


As we rolled out of the Turn 10 lot, Adam told me how awesome our parking lot is to practice drifting when it’s slightly wet and empty.  He showed me some of his tracks and I mentioned the tread marks from a nice power slide my 911 laid down in the upper lot when I came in last Saturday. Trust and a car lover’s bond were immediately established.


When we hit the road I was knocked back in my seat as we rocketed through first, second, and a little bit of third gear. With one hand, I anxiously reached for the door handle and, with the other, got a good hold on my camera. Adam is a great driver and the car is fast, the motor roaring a gorgeous sound right behind our seats. The Cayman is a mid-engine, something I did not realize until today.


Born with a 3.4 liter flat six that provides 295 horsepower and 251 foot-pounds of torque, the Cayman S is no slouch in the acceleration department. It’s also very sticky but it is obvious to Adam that Porsche wanted to limit its capabilities so it would not be too competitive with the 911. So, as a result, he has made one big change so far—installing a proper torque-biasing Quaife LSD to replace the open differential that came with the car. Now the car spins both wheels quite adeptly, as the below video shows. You will notice a giggle in the audio; that’s me, I just couldn’t help it. As I write this, the smell of expensive rubber is still wafting in my nostrils like the smell of a BBQ that just ended.

After filming that short bit of fun Adam said, “Uh, we should probably go now.” Even though the small audience of landscapers seemed to enjoy the display of Porsche power sliding, I agreed, and we went on with our little trip. We tooled down the busy two-lane 45 mph highway, with Adam taking advantage of every stop and start to impress me with the Caymans acceleration. Or, maybe, that’s just the way he drives. We then blasted up a steep curvy road and I was equally impressed with how it tracked under power and responded to heavy sudden braking. Here was further proof that the Cayman S is a driver’s car and that Adam is a driver.



As finances allow, Adam plans to add an IPD Intake Plenum, header back exhaust (most likely AWE for sound), and an ECU retune which should put the engine somewhere near the Cayman R’s 330 HP as well as give it more of the desired flat-6 howl. As you can imagine, sound is a big factor for this guy, so he plans on adding electric exhaust cutouts to go into full ear-bleeding mode, and still maintain streetability. Taking the appreciation for that beautiful engine’s sound one step further, his plan is to remove the sound insulation from the engine bay so he can hear it even better. Now that is an act of a true lover of automotive orchestral pleasures.


Cosmetically, the Cayman is bound for glory as well. Adam is planning on eventually installing a metal-spoke steering wheel from the current generation Porsches. To be followed by beautiful Cayman R wheels. In addition, there are plans to relocate the front fog lamps and remove the body-colored cross bars on the front bumper, a stylistic piece that has never really worked for him. Replacing them with black front bumper inserts, again Cayman R-style.


I asked Adam: why not just buy a Cayman R if you like them so much? And he told me, it’s much more fun to make a car your own than to just pick one off the lot.


Check out the rest of the photos.










Thank you for sharing your killer Cayman S, Adam, I really enjoyed the entire experience.


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