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Heavy Metal Affliction Porsche 911 Turbo

John Schommer
Friday, May 11, 2012


Welcome to Heavy Metal Affliction,’s presentation of radical rides, builds in progress, dream projects, and barn finds. Wanna share yours? Tell us about it here.


Heavy Metal Affliction can be defined as: the enduring need and passion to seek out, purchase, and fix-up cars that speak to us, without regard for investment value or resale.


I hope you enjoyed last week’s feature about my 1978 Porsche 911 SC and the Porsche show I attended. In further celebration of the Porsche Expansion Pack and the ongoing daily unveiling of Porsches in that pack, I am featuring a very sweet car sent in by  Forza 4 Community member Trevor Tesoriero (Gamertag The Weener King) nice Gamertag, his father’s 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo (930) from Bayside, NY.


Now these cars are already really fast from the factory (0-60 in less than five seconds and capable of quarter mile times in the low thirteens) but Michael, (Trevor’s father) was a muscle car guy before he was a Porsche guy, so making things go faster is in his blood.


Michael’s conversion to Porsche went something like this…one night back in the 1980’s, when Don Johnson was the king of prime time and mullets were the in-thing, Michael was cruising with a buddy in a Chevy Camaro with a 454 and a four-speed. Knowing they had a fast car, they were not necessarily looking for a race, but if one came along, they figured they would blow doors with their big block American muscle. Then, on an open stretch of road a new Porsche 911 came alongside them. The driver’s eyes met for a moment, then with a smile on his face Michael’s buddy dropped a gear, stomped on the accelerator, and as the four-barrel kicked in…the 911 blew past them into the night, never to be seen again.


Michael went on to own several Porsches. First, a white 928 with black interior, then 911’s: a 1981 911 SC and a 1985 911 Carrera. The Carrera was eventually sold to put a down payment on a house and building a family became the priority. After having two boys and enjoying life as a father, something was still missing, so after a long search Michael and Trevor went to a dealer’s warehouse where among hundreds of other cars, they found the a gorgeous blue Porsche 911 Turbo that would fill the void and give Michael something fun to share with his boys. They test drove it and Michael loved the car, however they left the dealer without it. Unbeknownst to Trevor, his Dad had made a deal. Imagine Trevor’s surprise when a couple days later his Dad told him to get something from the garage and he found the beautiful Marine Blue Porsche 930 sitting there.




Stock, the car came with the 3.3 liter flat six with a turbo capable of 1 Bar (about 12 psi) of boost, a four-speed, a limited slip differential, a factory sunroof, and white (Linen) interior. The car had also been euro-lowered. They began taking it to car shows, and then began upgrading it. Because if you can make a car go faster, why shouldn’t you?


Since then they have added a front strut brace, an MSD ignition, a cold air intake, a B&B Muffler (sans catalytic converter), and a larger aftermarket waste gate. The factory Fuchs rims have been polished and painted and the car rolls on Fuzion ZRi 205/55-16 front and 245/45-16 rear tires. The motor was rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago and runs reliably, delivering mile after mile of performance driven pleasure. As it sits now the car makes over 300 horsepower (282 from the factory) and weighs a touch less than 3000 pounds.



The car gets appreciated every time they drive it. Except by Michael’s wife, who won’t ride in it because it doesn’t have airbags and isn’t comfortable to her. Father and son attend all the local Porsche concourse’s and get togethers as well as club runs and a weekly trip to Jones Beach to show it off and meet up with other cars and car buffs. Recently, they attended the Hershey, PA Porsche swap meet where they picked up a new whale tail, aluminum racing pedals and a new dash. The plan is to do an RS type interior while retaining the stock white and blue colors.


Here are some shots of the car on the road and among its brethren. Enjoy!






Thanks for sharing Trevor and Michael! Enjoy your beautiful car and all the valuable time you are spending together.


Did you like this weeks Heavy Metal Affliction? What do you think of Trevor's Dad's car? Post about it in the HMA thread.