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Heavy Metal Affliction P-5150 Mustang

John Schommer
Wednesday, November 21, 2012


If you love Heavy Metal Affliction you have a love of cars. How we acquire our love of everything automotive is different for each of us. For some the pursuit of immersing ourselves in a world of blood, sweat and gears is just something we strive for dabbling in project cars or tuning your daily driver. For others it’s in their family heritage and to not follow the path before them would be to exclude the rare opportunity to become a master of auto crafting.


Such is the tale of Forza community member Cody Boyd—Gamertag iceman128394. Boyd was born into a family of auto craftsmen and artistry. He grew up with a 2,800 square foot shop in his back yard. Every day he would go there and help his dad with innumerable car projects. Boyd’s family owns a collision repair shop in Oakhurst, CA—the gateway to the Yosemite National Park. Bodys By Boyd does collision work as its main stream of business, offering to handle insurance claims and returning a customer’s car to pre-accident condition. If that is the bread and butter, the resto mods, custom paint and full frame off restoration work they do is the cake and ice cream.


Since the tender age of 10 Boyd has been involved and learned from the family business. Growing up in this environment has had an impact on Boyd; by age 16, he was already a car expert -- racing karts and building a 1972 Chevy Vega wagon with a 375 horsepower V8--that car is another HMA story waiting to happen. As Boyd says “I have worked on them my whole life and I have read many books, articles, and other information. Cars are my life.”


To say Boyd has gotten his love of cars from his father is to state the obvious, but his step-mother is also an incredible artist who contributes to much of the custom work done by the shop. Boyd’s father has been working on cars since he was 14, and has been running Bodys by Boyd longer than his son can remember. Boyd Sr.’s first car was an original Boss 302 so he has an ingrained love of Mustangs. A couple years ago he bought himself a 2008 Mustang GT and his wife laid an amazing airbrush job of a Mustang (horse) bursting out of the hood. The car was built with many of the parts listed in the spec sheet and was very cool as it stood. But that is only where the car started its journey into the world of custom ‘Stangs.



A couple of years back the younger Boyd was playing Forza Motorsport 3, driving a Mustang Boss 429 with an aircraft themed livery he had created. When his father saw it he was struck with his own long-time passion for the P-51 Mustang fighter of the WWII era and thought maybe he would redo his Mustang to reflect his son’s work. Time passed as he mulled the idea over, then about a year later he said “let’s do it.” The motor had just come out of the GT for further upgrading so the time was ripe. Boyd Jr. was assigned the task of creating the one of a kind livery in Forza Motorsport 4. The concept built in the FM4 livery editor was then painstakingly transferred onto the car. Over the next several months the car was put back together and the result is what you see here.



While the machine guns are not operative, they look real enough and the P-51 theme is carried over throughout the entire body. She was then christened “Lucy Quipment,” in the tradition of the provocative pinup girls such as Betty Grable that were applied to the war birds or World War II. Every rivet was hand painted, every detail custom fashioned by either Boyd Sr. or Sheila his air-brush artist wife. It is without a doubt a masterpiece in every way, even paying tribute to the previous livery by the Mustang bursting out of the door. Over 250 hours of paintwork went into the transformation and the “P-5150” was born.



The car had already seen many shows but now does so in its vintage fighter garb. It is a one-of-a-kind car and provides the Boyd family with a centerpiece to show off the family business as well as lay runways of rubber should the notion come.


Body’s by Boyd has restored many amazing cars, does one-off air brush work on helmets, custom bike tanks, and has worked on everything from a perfectly restored 1903 Cadillac, to a flamed out 2011 Gran Sport Corvette. Their site is full of phenomenal custom work and is worth the time to peruse. If you are lucky enough to live near Yosemite, CA, USA they are the obvious choice for any custom paint and body work.


Now, on to the pictures….



Video Tour:



If you have a special car you are working on post about it in the request for community rides thead.


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