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Forza Horizon -- Behind the Scenes Episode 5

Alex Kierstein
Friday, November 16, 2012

The fifth video in our “Forza Horizon – Behind the Scenes” series is here! This episode focuses on what we have in store for Forza Horizon fans -- new tech, new content, and new ways to play. Excitement is running at a high at Turn 10 Studios as Forza Horizon is being enjoyed by fans worldwide – including during exciting online events like Game with Devs and monthly Rivals Events. The hard work isn’t over, as Playground Games is busy creating the Rally Expansion Pack and even more DLC content. SmartGlass has also arrived, and this episode takes a look at how SmartGlass will expand the Forza Horizon experience beyond the TV. For all this and more, take a look:

 In the meantime, keep up to date with the latest Forza Horizon car announcements on the official Forza Horizon Facebook and Twitter feeds, and stay tuned for more Forza Horizon news very soon.