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FYI About DLC -- The Meguiar's Car Pack

John Schommer
Wednesday, June 13, 2012


For every Forza lover there is a wish list of cars they want to see added to the game and, every month, we deliver a little something for everyone. This month’s Meguiar’s Car Pack sets a new standard by adding the one of the oldest cars ever seen in the Forza series and one of the last ALMS standout GT-class leaders. These cars are surrounded by undeniable favorites like the VW Bug and the luxurious and dauntingly fast Mercedes Benz C63 Black. Classic convertibles such as the BMW 507 and the MG MGA Twin-Cam have rich histories all their own and I’ll bet there are lots of reasons to love the Aston Martin Cygnet if you look hard enough. The Maserati Ghilbi has a race history and plenty of spec facts that contribute to it being the most powerful per liter car of its time. I have just gotten started with the below videos. I hope it spurs you all to go find other cool details and share them with us in our dedicated FYI About DLC forum thread.


1987 RUF CTR Yellowbird 

This supercar killer is best appreciated at speeds well beyond the legal limit. Here are a few videos that display its agility, flat out speed, and, of course, the chirp that gives credence to the name.


Even through the poor video quality you can appreciate the handling and speed delivered. No helmet required, apparently.




A slightly different edit of this video shows some great drift angles.


Here is one of the Yellowbird running Pikes Peak Hill Climb; you can really hear the chirp of the blow off valve.




In closing, I point you to a Road & Track article that compares the Yellowbird to 14 other ungodly fast cars and one Toyota Prius.


1963 VW Bug 

Man, there is so much to tell about the VW Bug. From its history in Germany, its progression over the years, its re-emergence in the new millennia and its film history, this car has a historical pedigree that is practically unmatched, both in automotive and popular culture. However, you probably know much of the Bug’s popular influence so, instead, I am going to offer a personal anecdote told to me by my grandmother countless times which inspired my love of Bugs.


Way back in 1969, my parents were in the Marines. Both of my parents come from large families and were the oldest of their siblings. When I came along, needless to say, the grandparents were excited. So much so, that my grandmother hopped in her Red 1964 Beetle with her 14-year old daughter, strapped a rocking chair on the roof and headed east to Virginia from Washington. Along the way, the starter failed, and she and my soon-to-be-aunt had to always park on a hill or leave it running when they stopped. The car otherwise ran perfect and took them safely across the country in time for my birth.


A trailer from the original Herbie movie “The Love Bug.” I don’t know of any other movie actually inspired by a car. Herbie translates the character of the VW bug so well. Nearly indestructible, surprisingly quick if modified, and, with enough charm to melt even the hardest of hearts. This is a classic family film that might not have started the VW craze, but it certainly perpetuated it.




While the rest of the Herbie movies don’t hit the same mark, they are all fun, so check them out: “Herbie Rides Again”, ”Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo”, and “Herbie Goes Bananas”. Even Lindsay Lohan in “Herbie Fully Loaded”, although that is an entirely different take on our hero.


Beyond Tinsletown, the Bug has always been a favorite at the drag strip and one can do some awesome wheelies with the right setup. Notice in the following video how it is competing against V8 American muscle... and usually winning.




Here is an original tv ad for the Bug. It’s in German, but you'll get the point:




1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe 

The art-deco design and period styling of the Ford De Luxe Coupe appeals to any hot rodder or classic car enthusiast. These cars have been drag-raced, dirt-tracked, and customized beyond recognition. Here are a couple videos showing what folks have done with them over the years.


First up, here’s some amazing vintage footage of races from back in the day around a high school football field. Can you imagine racing these cars flat out on the same track high school kids were running the 400?




If that got you excited, here is a longer video featuring hundreds of cars from this era; it’s just too cool to not include.

Here’s “Headhunter” warming up the tires and ready to blow doors. The front end is high to help with weight transfer.




This is a nice tour of a perfectly restored 1940 Opera Coupe (the luxury model)., It shows a lot of the neat features of this classic. You can also hear that old V8.




1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185 

This car was the result homologation requirements from Toyota’s rallying heyday. In fact this car is known by many as “the World’s Greatest Rally Car.” Here are a couple videos of the car displaying its rally prowess.




Here is one with the Celica sporting its African Rally garb.




And finally a tribute video with some killer Queen background music. This video shows the Celica on pavement, dirt, mud, and snow. Makes you miss the Celica. “Oh what a feeling!” for sure.




What DLC fun facts, videos or useless trivia can you discover? We invite you go dig around on the internet tubes and post your findings in the June FYI About DLC thread. We will be reviewing the thread and awarding unicorns of choice to the bits that strike a chord. Happy hunting!