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Forza Motorsport 4 Week In Review - 6/17

Brian Ekberg
Friday, June 17, 2011

To say the least, the word is out: Forza Motorsport 4 owned E3 and the response we’ve been hearing from press, E3 attendees and the members of the Forza Faithful has been incredible. Here at Turn 10,the buzz around the game has kept us on a week-long high as we’ve traded links of incredible previews written by enthusiastic press outlets, or shared all of the incredible video we’ve seen that people have been making from the footage and gameplay we showed off at E3.


Videos like this one:




Now, if that isn’t doesn’t rock your Top Gear-loving boots to the core, I don’t know what will. That video is a great example of the countless instances of Turn 10 paying attention to the small details that will really make Forza 4 special. Those replay cameras were designed specifically to match the real-life camera placements on the Top Gear Test Track, as seen on Top Gear. I don’t know about you, but that means every time I blast my Kia cee’d around the Test Track in the game, you’d best believe I’m going to be watching my replay and imagining exactly which questions Jeremy would be asking me during my interview segment.


Last week I promised a fuller picture of what the world is saying about Forza 4 after our E3 2011 showing. Let’s start with some select thoughts from the members of the gaming press:’s Julian Rignall declared the “absolutely incredible Forza Motorsport 4” as one of the five best things shown at E3 this year.


GameSpot had much to say about Forza 4’s finely tuned visuals, stating that the cars are “incredibly detailed” with “fantastic-looking” interiors. The outlet also reported that the “car handling was great” and head-tracking added to the players’ “sense of immersion while using the cockpit view.”   


Destructoid’s Dale North on Forza 4’s visuals: “Gamers on the floor that don't give a flying f&#* about racing games were commenting on how gorgeous the real-time visuals of Forza 4 are in passing. Again, you're not going to believe it until you see it for yourself.”


Nathan Irvine from GamesRadar had the following to say on Forza 4’s Top Gear integration: ““By allowing the ‘Top Gear’ production team to create scripts and decide how best to serve the player with show-specific traits, the whole integration into ‘Forza 4’ should be seamless.”


Not a bad selection of quotes. And almost as fun as what the press had to say were the awards they handed out to Forza 4. You probably saw the picture from the previous installment of the Week in Review with our hydraulic sled covered in awards and nominations. Just for kicks, here’s that same haul of nominations and awards as photographed in a (relatively organized) pile here at Turn 10.




In addition to those, we’re happy to add awards from Game Informer, 1UP, and GameSpy. Seeing all of this official recognition from the gaming press about the work the team has put into Forza 4 is amazingly gratifying.
Of course, the comments from the Forza community have been just as important to us as the accolades and awards. We’ve been paying attention to everything that’s come out of E3, all the comments both positive and otherwise. And the net result—at least from my point of view—is that you are just as excited to play Forza 4 as we are to bring it to you.


Here are some highlights:


“This is what I love about Turn 10 and Forza, they get people like me, who generally suck at and don't buy racing games but love cars, to buy their games because there is SO much stuff to do besides just racing. When I do race I can use any assists I need but then I can spend time taking pictures and working in the livery editor. I know I'm going to love the Auto Vista mode. Cannot wait for FM4!”


“Man that gamespot video is awesome. Rivals mode, car clubs and the autovista without Kinect all loo fab. My Kinect will be head tracking and voice menu only. its crazy that more kinect games done do that.”


“Good god do those environments looks amazing. They looked sharp in F3, but this is on a completely different level. Kudos to Turn 10 for bringing the heat.”


“All i can say is wow. Caught me completely off guard. The graphics, new tire physics, and everything else that you have put into this game. Just tell me what's in the limited edition version so i can pre-order the game. I am not buying $60 version. I want collectors version. You will become the sim king when this is released. GT who? There is a new king, FM4!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the guys & gals @ turn10.”


“Number One most welcome addition to FM4: Sixteen Player Matches!!!
The only boring part of racing is being by myself. Whether its up front, way behind because of a crash, or near the middle, it is much too easy for all the racers to end up spread out. I welcome as many cars on track as possible. This translates into more close races and greater competition!”


Thanks to everyone who has written to let us know what you think of Forza 4 over the past week. As much as we’ve already shared, there is still an absolute ton to reveal, which we’ll be doing so over the coming months. In fact, without giving away too much and assuming some back-end planning on our side comes through, you can expect more news next week… stay tuned!


In the meantime, let me leave you with a question: What’s the one Forza Motorsport 4 feature you want to know more about? Let us know in the forums and we’ll see you next week!