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Forza Motorsport 4 BMW Design Challenge

Turn 10 Staff
Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whether you’re a veteran of Forza’s livery editor or a new to the paintbrush, Turn 10 has a contest that’s right up your alley: the chance to get your original paintjob into a special DLC pack. Turn 10 and BMW are pairing up to bring you the Forza Motorsport 4 BMW Design Challenge, a brand new contest designed to test the skills of the talented artists in the Forza Motorsport community. Entrants will be able to bring their artistic vision to life with the 2010 BMW M6 Coupe.


Inspired by the real-life BMW Art Car program, the Forza Motorsport 4 BMW Design Challenge will be a contest between the best and brightest artists in the Forza Motorsport community.  The winning M6 Coupe created by the Forza community will be just one of the specially-designed BMW cars available in Forza Motorsport 4 as part of the upcoming Limited Collector’s Edition of the game.


We want to see your original work, after all, so fire up those creative juices and get to painting!





  • Download the 2010 BMW M6 Coupe Design Template, save the template to your computer.
  • Designs must be created on the provided Contest design template using any commercially available computer design program.
  • Create an unflattened (with layers), high-resolution (300 DPI) file. Save this file on your computer in case your design is selected as a finalist.
  • Submit a JPEG version of your design to by Sunday, July 31, 2011, any emails received after that date will not be eligible.
    Your submission must not exceed 10MB.
  • All entries must include the subject line “Forza Motorsport 4 BMW Design Community Challenge”




Entrant's submission must be a unique car design that reflects the competitiveness and spirit of the Forza Motorsport game.


  • An entered design must be the entrant's original creation and must not include copyrighted, trademarked, or previously published material, including brand names/logos such as but not limited to: Turn 10 Studios, BMW, BMW M-Division, Forza Motorsport, or other trademarked items. Design requiring license or usage rights from any third party is not eligible.
  • Submission cannot defame or invade the rights or privacy of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon any third party's personal, proprietary, or intellectual rights.
  • Designs which, in the judges' sole discretion, contain any type of vulgarity or objectionable content will be disqualified.
  • Designs must be created on the provided Contest design template using any commercially available computer design program.
  • Designs may only be applied to the areas designated on the template.
  • Entries that do not meet these stated criteria, or entries that (in the judges' sole discretion) may technically meet the stated criteria but do not reflect the intent and the spirit of the provisions related to participation, are not eligible.
  • By submitting an Entry, you represent and warrant that the entry submitted: is your original creation.




Assignment of Rights: All entries become the property of the Turn 10 and will not be returned. To be considered as a Finalist, and as a condition of participation, entrants hereby irrevocably assign and transfer all rights, title, and interest in their entries, including, but not limited to, their copyrights, and all other proprietary rights, to Turn 10. Turn 10 obtains the right to use, edit, and publish in whole or in part any and all entry submissions in any media whatsoever, without time or geographical restrictions, without providing any additional compensation or consideration to the entrants.






The Forza Motorsport community team will be judging all entrants on a variety of criteria, including originality, technical execution, and creativity. The team will then submit our chosen finalists to our partners at BMW who will choose the final winner. The winner of the Forza Motorsport 4 BMW Design Challenge program will have their design featured in Forza 4, as part of the Limited Collector’s Edition of Forza Motorsport 4.


Potential winners will be notified by email.


Good luck to all participants. We can’t wait to see your entries!




For more than 35 years, a select group of the world’s most renowned modern artists have shared a common canvas; a canvas made of metal and rubber and plush leather, and one that is capable of making an impressive visual statement standing still or on the track. BMW’s automobiles became that canvas, and their iconic shapes have inspired generations.


Dreamed up by French racer Hervé Poulain, the BMW Art Car program began in 1975 when Poulain invited his American artist friend Alexander Calder to paint his BMW 3.0 CSL ahead of Poulain entering the car in the 1975 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The car was one of Calder’s last works before he died in 1976. Since then, 16 more cars have been created by a veritable “Who’s Who” of modern art, including Andy Warhol, Ernst Fuchs, and, most recently, a Jeff Koons-created BMW M3 GT2.


Just as varied as the artists behind the cars are the BMW models and designs they inspired. There’s A.R. Penck’s orange and black Z1 from 1991, full of simple shapes that retain an almost cave-painting-like simplicity. Contrast that with Robert Rauschenberg’s BMW 635 CSI from 1986, a stark canvas of white upon which Rauschenberg used photographic methods to transfer images of classical paintings on to the car.


While several artists chose to cover their BMW model in loud splashes of color, American artist Jenny Holzer took an entirely different tact with her 1999 BMW V12 LMR. With her car, the 15th Art Car in the series, Holzer used a basic white paint scheme upon which Holzer painted phrases in a simple font. Messages such as “Protect Me From What I Want,” and “The Unattainable Is Invariably Attractive” take on entirely new meanings in the blisteringly fast V12 LMR, a car that remains BMW’s only overall victor in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


The Art Car series, in bringing together artists of such singular vision with the dynamic shapes of various BMWs throughout the years, has proven to be one of the most compelling celebrations of automotive culture in the world.