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Forza Garage: Horizon Roundup 9/19/12

John Schommer
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome once again to The Forza Garage where you can appreciate all the astounding machines that will be at your fingertips in Forza Horizon starting October 23. Pre-order your copy now and schedule a few days off so you can dig in to the fantasy world of Horizon's Colorado, where the open road is yours to rule. Picture yourself in a Ferrari cruising near the river, the water dappled by sunset's beauty. Imagine you and your classic Mercedes-Benz, straightening out the corners of those wide canyon runs. Everyone will smile as you drift along, among the mountains so incredibly high... 



Announcing the latest candidates for ruling the highways of Horizon's Colorado: there is no better way to enjoy Horizon's full day/night cycle than in a topless Ferrari, let the sun shine in and watch the stars at night. If you're ready to rumble, the roar of the Lamborghini Diablo SV should suit you. If your looking for the ultimate in capability on-road or off, the Supercharged Range Rover is now waiting for you. These lofty rides are dressed to impress all who roll into the Horizon Festival. 


2011 Ferrari 458 Spider 

The 458 Spider is a topless animal that will let you soak in the sun as you tear up the highway. The 458 is a pristine example of Ferrari performance and exclusivity. You just can’t hide driving one--and why would you when driving one makes you the envy of everyone within sight or earshot. The sound from the triple exhaust pipes is reason enough seek one out.



1997 Lamborghini Diablo SV 

Here's an automotive devil you won't mind making a deal with before unleashing its 12-cylinder power. As with all the bulls of Lamborghini, there is more speed to be found here than most roads can allow for. Not only is it as fast as low-flying aircraft, the interior provides creature comforts fit for a king.



 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged 

If you want to go fast on any terrain, Land Rover can provide. When you want luxury, performance and unrivaled off-road capability, Land Rover also has got a ride for you. Take this four-door 4X4 anywhere, knowing it was designed to be the best for any situation.




 1954 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing 

One of the most majestic works of four-wheeled art ever produced, the Gullwing was the only car of its kind and is still regarded as one of the most beautiful cars in the world. The concept was born to accommodate the wide berth of the side framing but gives the car a presence that is unmatched.



1966 Ford GT40 MkII 

The original Ford GT40 gave the Ferraris something to think about and the MkII earned American V8’s some respect amidst European GT race cars. Take a seat in this classic prototype and see what a happens when Ford and Lola come together with a common goal of domination.



1969 Pontiac GTO Judge 

As flamboyant as its paint job is, the Judge was the muscle car to beat in its day. Owning one was like instantly becoming a drag racer, since every stoplight became an opportunity to prove its dominance. These were the days when factory performance really meant something and the Judge was the standard by which many cars were measured.



1981 BMW M1 

When German engineering and Italian design come together, what you get is truly amazing. The BMW M1 was the only mid-engined BMW ever mass-produced and only 456 were ever built. Racing homologation was the main purpose of developing this ultra-rare machine. We put it in Forza Horizon for pure fun.



1983 Audi Sport Quattro 

Rally cars would never be the same once the quattro was introduced, and this road-going version has all but the livery to carry the tradition of leaving others in its dust. An all-wheel drive coupe with the acceleration of a supercar and supernatural agility has a welcome home in Forza Horizon. Spend some time on the back roads to truly appreciate this rally-spawned beast



 1991 BMW M3 

The original M3 harkens back to what it means to be a race car on the street. Take an M3 for a spin and you will find yourself downshifting just to hear the engine rev. And rev it will, the motor loves to roar, and it builds clean usable power throughout the entire range. This is German automotive engineering at its finest, setting the bar high for later generations of the M3.



1995 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 

Compact and sturdy form wraps the now legendary VR6 engine in the VW Corrado. This kind of power in a car this size will astound you with its capabilities. The Corrado is comfortable on any surface and is a perfect starting point for the adventure that is Forza Horizon.



2002 Nissan Skyline GTR V-spec 

This iconic example of Japanese muscle is ready to hit the road and impress everyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse. It's fast enough to earn the respect of anyone who loves cars and sexy enough to turn the heads of those who don’t even understand its rarity in the U.S.



2005 Honda NSX-R-GT 

Some will challenge the title of "supercar" when referring to the NSX, but there is no question that its form and function equal many great supercars. This low-slung wide body has grip for days and its mid-engine design gives it superior balance. In short, the Honda NSX-R GT does it all, and does it all well.



2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 

When Chevy CEO Rick Wagoner wondered aloud what a $100,000 Corvette would look like, that was all the incentive his design team needed. They launched a skunkworks project and the result was the first Corvette to live up to the claim of taking on any Porsche. Supercharged LS9, nuff said.



 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X 

A track-tuned Viper with a full cage, single seat, and more V10 horses than any other Viper should set you apart from the competition. Here's a car that was built for those with enough enthusiasm (read: guts) to match its performance capabilities. Don’t even try to step to this unless you have got what it takes to handle the Viper’s bite.



2012 Hennessey Venom GT 

Known in some circles as the Bugatti destroyer, the Hennessey Venom GT is capable of acceleration that is barely accommodated by the human body. Its looks may be reminiscent of its Lotus Elise base, but that’s where the similarities end. This super-lightened, mega-horsepowered exotic monster needs to be reeled in slowly or it will bite your backside faster than you can say “See ya.”




If you would like to discuss the Forza Horizon cars revealed so far, the reveal process and the rebirth of the Forza Garage, please do so in the Discuss Forza Horizon Revealed Rides thread.


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