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FYI About DLC – the May TopGear Car Pack

John Schommer
Friday, May 11, 2012

You gotta love Forza Motorsport 4 DLC packs! While Forza 4 is already packed with content , we keep making it better by offering even more cars to enhance the ultimate racing game. Some cars are must-haves to drive for their raw power alone, like the 2012 Hennessey Venom GT. Others provide a unique experience that drives curiosity or an urge to customize, as with the AMC Pacer X or the Smart fortwo. Lastly, some DLC vehicles just beg to become design platforms for outright creativity, hence the Ford Transit SuperSportVan.


In our new series “FYI About DLC”, we want to give you even more reasons to love Forza add-on packs like the May TopGear Pack. In our research of monthly add-on cars, we come across tons of tidbits of interesting (although sometimes useless) information. For example, did you know that the passenger door on the Pacer is four inches longer than the driver door? Or that the Smart fortwo cabin can withstand more damage than the human body can tolerate in an accident?


Here’s some more tidbits we came across regarding the May DLC cars this month:


2012 Hennessey Venom GT 

The fastest 0-200 acceleration available in the world. The best power-to-weight ratio of any car currently produced. When asked about the Venom GT’s acceleration, the phrase “You have no idea…” is often the first response from those that have experienced it.


While giving the Bugatti Veyron--and even the Super Sport--its due, the Hennessey Venom GT is gloriously fast. Watch what happens at the Goodwood Festival of Speed when a Bugatti driver realizes he is going to be followed by a Venom GT. The look on the passenger’s face is proof enough of the thrill this car’s unmatched power can deliver.




Here’s a look at that Goodwood run from the outside. The sound that motor makes is just outrageous.


1977 AMC Pacer X 

“Pacer, the first wide, small car,” was AMC’s marketing slogan in this 1970’s ad for the Pacer, although the picture quality suffers, the imagery is all AMC.




Check out this brochure and sales guide for the Pacer, the language, style and images just scream 1970s chic.


The original Popular Mechanics review (page 1, page 2) tells of the Pacers well thought design and its competitiveness with similar cars such as the Ford Mustang II and GM’s Monza.


Finally, it’s obvious that the Pacer is a very curvaceous car and in France they took advantage of those curves and France’s open-minded sensibilities to create this not-at-all-unforgettable magazine ad for the Pacer. It’s virtually free of subtlety and not entirely safe for work, but the image won’t soon leave your memory.


2011 Ford Transit Van 

Sabine Schmitz, former BMW race driver and the woman known for driving the BMW Ring Taxi, took a shot at a challenge on TopGear: Get the Transit Van around the Nürburgring in less than ten minutes.


Who says vans aren’t built for performance? Well, uh, Sabine might have. Check out the video to see if Sabine can pull the most out of the van and complete the challenge.




Blasting a Transit Van around the Ring is one thing. Making it into a drift-ready specialty vehicle is something else entirely.  Yet turning the SuperSport Van into a Forza-4 drifting machine might soon become a common aspiration, especially after you get a load of the following treat. Check out this video of a BMW V8 M-Powered Transit van showing its utterly radical capability at drifting around a track. Notice the lack of a helmet on the driver, which either displays a foolhardy sense of bravado or utter confidence in the Transit Van’s safety record.




Smart fortwo 

As small as the Smart fortwo is, it is remarkably safe. The Smart’s, rigid safety cell can withstand amazing impacts without allowing intrusion into the passenger compartment. Check out this YouTube crash test video that demonstrates it vividly.


Since the Smart fortwo is rear-wheel drive, making a drifter out of it comes naturally. I thought this video showcased not only some sweet drifting but also great flames from the tailpipe.





Got some intel on any of cars in the May TopGear Car Pack? Let us hear about it in the dedicated thread on the forums! We’ll pick our favorites to feature in a future edition of “FYI on DLC” and award a unicorn car to the contributors!