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Escape the Grid Days 1 and 2

John Schommer
Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Forza Horizon Escape the Grid challenge has begun! Eleven supercars have hit the roads of France on their way to Birmingham, England. On what promises to be one of the coolest road trips ever, these cars and their drivers will be competing in six challenges, four events, and travelling 1,000 kilometers.




Along the way, the drivers have competed in challenges for amazing prizes and there’s still more Grid Escaping to do! You can follow along with the action via the #EscapeTheGrid hashtag on Twitter. Check outthe #EscapeTheGrid website and keep your eye on our official facebook page for the latest updates. In addition, you can follow each of the individual cars involved in the competition on Twitter as well. Check the Web site for more details!


Here is the day one summary video:



So after one day it’s Team Jaguar at the top of the leaderboard. Then the teams headed out of Paris, fighting their way out of rush hour traffic to the open road for Day Two. The drivers had to answer an over-the-top difficult trivia question to win. These guys are smart cookies, not to mention some of the luckiest journalists on earth.


Here is the Day Two coverage:



Stay tuned for days three and four to be covered in tomorrow’s edition of the Week in Review.