There are few other brand names as synonymous with racing as Lola. For nearly 60 years, the cars of Lola have been churning out victories in nearly every class of racing. In 1958 Eric Broadley started the company and by 1962 Lola cars were earning points in Formula 1. Throughout history, you can find Lola cars winning championships, driven by the some of the most famous names in racing and as a consistent go-to chassis for teams looking to win. Undaunted by legendary constructors of the era like Brabham and Cooper, Broadley used his life savings to begin building Lola race cars after finding his skills at building racecars exceeded his ability to drive them. History was in the making in 1963 when the Lola team drove their Mk6 GT from the factory in Slough, UK to Le Mans to compete in the 24-hour race. Ford took notice and contracted with Broadley to help create a predecessor to the Ford GT, a car that changed the course of sports car racing forever. Throughout racing’s history you will find the impact of Lola as a driving force of innovation.

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