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Founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931, Porsche has always been synonymous with performance. Since the first two-seat 356 rolled off the line in 1948, with barely 40 horsepower from its VW based engine, to the heart pounding 600 plus horsepower of the newest 911s, attention to all the right details has delivered a standard setting model line. Their partnership with VW has endured through the years although both brands have distinctively different products. Air cooled two-seat sports cars now share the Porsche lineage with SUV and four-door sedan models. What has not changed is the intangible attention to performance and the translation of driving through the car to the driver. Porsche’s profound racing history has delivered more victories than any other brand. Initial success was achieved with the 550 Spyder and today the 911 still dominates the GT class worldwide. Sixteen victories at Le Mans and 20 wins at Daytona are just the beginning of the staggering list of accomplishments their cars have achieved. Unlike many other manufacturers, Porsche has never taken a road car and simply modified it for the track. At Porsche, the philosophy has always been to develop dedicated racing machines for competition use, and then apply the knowledge and experience gained to produce genuine sports cars for the road. What these practices have delivered are some of the finest sports cars and race cars ever built.

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