Week in Review – 10/14

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Week in Review – 10/14 


We said it earlier in the week when Forza Motorsport 4 launched in North America, but it bears repeating here: Welcome to Forza Motorsport 4! This is an especially timely sentiment, considering that Forza 4 is launching today, Friday, around Europe. I know our European fans have been desperate to get their hands on the game, especially considering us Yanks have had it for a few days now. Next week we’ll be launching around the rest of the world as well.


The response to Forza 4 so far has been tremendous and it’s incredible to me to finally be able to hop online and join a room with a bunch of Forza Faithful and just kill a few hours playing with our favorite cars. It’s been a long time coming but, dare I say it?, the wait has absolutely been worth it. So, let’s take a look back at the launch week of Forza Motorsport 4, shall we? 




Game With Devs 

We didn’t wait long to fit in our first Game With Turn 10 night; our first event was held this past Wednesday. Fred, Jav, and I (along with Alex) were able to spend some quality time racing with (and crashing into) a bunch of Forza community members, with unicorn cars on the line as prizes. I spent a great deal of time doing traditional circuit races, Fred had some epic soccer matches going on, and Jav spent at least one race in a three-team multi-class race (featuring R3-, A- and F-class cars). Jav was in a Hummer. On Laguna Seca. It was… special.  


Before our European friends feel left out, we’ll be holding another Game With Turn 10 event tomorrow, Saturday, October 15 beginning at noon PDT. Everyone is invited! Here’s how you can take part: 

Head over to the “Game With Dev” section of our official Forza Motorsport Facebook page. We’ll be posting the names and race type of the Public Rooms we’ll be playing in on this page.  


Fire up Forza 4 

Go to the “Community” section of the game. 

Choose “Race Online” 

Choose “Find Race” 

Choose “User-Created Races” 

First find the race type you are looking for (Custom, Circuit Race, etc.) then scroll to the room name you want to join in the “Sessions” list. 

Click A to join the room. 


Photomode Competitions
In terms of gorgeous photography, I thought I’d seen everything with Forza 3. But from what I’ve seen from the community in Forza 4, the bar has been seriously raised. It’s a combination of factors I suppose—the new Big Shot mode, new features like vingettes, new tracks and home spaces to indulge in, not to mention Forza 4’s revamped lighting engine. But I also think there’s something to be said for the raw creativity of the Forza community, who continue to surprise with their ingenuity. 

Launch week for Forza 4 means we’ve kicked off our traditional Photomode contest. As you can see on our Community Page, this week’s contest is all about Rivals Mode. Head over to the Community Monthly Rivals section and fire up Nürburgring GP Fast Pass then submit the your best action shot of your car fighting through a field of Germany’s finest cars. 

You can submit your photos on our official Facebook Wall. The contest ends on October 18 and we’ll post our top three winners on the Contest Winners page of our Community page! Next week we’ll fire up a new photo contest and we’ll start the fun all over again. 



 Forza 4 Title Update
On Thursday we issued our first title update for Forza Motorsport 4. This update includes a number of fixes and backend improvements we’ve made to the game. Here’s a partial list of what this update includes: 

Various track visual upgrades 

Various UI improvements 

Fixed Rivals Track Day exploit where users can gain advantage by forcibly pitting AI cars 

Fixed Drag leaderboard exploit that gave players time advantage by loading tuning file (As a result of this fix, we will be wiping the drag leaderboards in the near future)

Fixed issue where importing a Forza 3 profile does not give credit to Xbox LIVE Silver members 

Fixed issue where some livery editor layers were appearing as corrupted when importing from Forza 3 



We continue to monitor for gameplay issues, and are investigating a number of these--including a few related to the 900-degree wheel--for a future title update. Please let us know if you run into any problems here on the forums or by e-mailing us at forzafb@microsoft.com




Piracy and Credit Hacking
Since the release of Forza Motorsport 4, we have been closely monitoring online behavior, including the health of the Forza Motorsport 4 economy. To this end, we have flagged a number of users suspected of credit hacking. This includes both using third-party devices to hack credits as well as for receiving hacked credits (via Auction House, gifting, etc.)


We are investigating all accounts on an individual basis. After the review process, if you have been caught hacking credits, you will be console banned. If we have found that you received hacked credits, your game save will be invalidated (and you will receive an in-game message asking you to delete your save). To gain access to online features again, you will need to delete your save file and start the game over.  


Regarding piracy, if you have received an in-game message indicating that your console or Gamertag has been flagged for loading a pirated disc, this is the result of your console or account having been flagged by Xbox piracy detection. If you believe that you have received this message in error, please contact Xbox LIVE Support.  


We take these issues very seriously in order to provide Forza Motorsport 4 fans with the best online experience possible. 






FM.net Quiz 

If you’re looking for a car-related challenge when you’re away from Forza Motorsport 4, check out the Forza Motorsport quiz we put up on the site earlier this week. This quiz will test your Forza experience as well as your automotive knowledge, with a range of questions touching motorsports, individual manufacturers, and more. Answer questions correctly and you’ll be eligible to download some custom-designed Forza 4 wallpapers. Take a look and see how you fare against some of the tough questions. 



Forza 4 in the UK
To celebrate the European launch of Forza 4, our friends in the UK have been running a number of incredible promotional events: 

Over in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre, a group of mechanics spent the week building a replica Ford GT40 from scratch, while hundreds of shoppers and passers-by watched on. Visitors to the official site got a chance to watch a live video stream of the build process from multiple angles, as well as vote on the different parts that would be installed on the car each day. One lucky voter will walk away as the winner of that replica GT40. 





Meanwhile at the recent Britcar 24 Hour Race at Silverstone, the Rogue Motorsport team ran a Forza 4-liveried car. Check it out: 








Finally as if one decked out supercar isn’t enough for you, how about a whole cavalcade of them? On Thursday of this week, Shoreditch in East London became the home of arguably the most expensive car park ever assembled. More than 20 supercars, including four cars worth more than $1 million—including a Bugatti Veyron, a carbon Pagani Zonda, a McLaren F1 and a Ferarri Enzo--pulled into the Shoreditch car park, several of them boasting Forza Motorsport 4 branding. Check out the pictures of this incredible caravan of elite performance driving through London, as well as a guest appearance from TopGear’s very own Stig: 







Panorama shot using Big Shots
Speaking of awesome shots of awesome cars, check out this panorama shot that one of our Forza 4 fans created using the new Big Shot feature and the Microsoft Photosynth technology. Pretty sweet! 



Bon Voyage Alex!
Finally, it’s time to wish a fond farewell to our own Alex Kierstein who is leaving the Turn 10 community team to pursue another career opportunity. We’ll miss Alex around these parts but his fantastic work and excellent writing will live on here here on FM.net in the form of our Cars and Tracks pages (which we’ll be updating with new information in the weeks ahead).  


Here’s Alex with a goodbye of his own: 


Hey folks, now that the game has shipped and is hopefully doing a tour of duty in your console, I’m riding off into the sunset on my trusty steed to greener pastures (or should I say, Grüner Hölles?). I have to say, helping to ship this game has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life as a car guy, and I’ve been exceptionally lucky to work in an office full of gearheads, racers, and like-minded Forza fanatics. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the Cars and Tracks pages, the Forza Garage Roundups, and the Ask Alex segments as much as I’ve enjoyed working on them. Of course, the best part has been playing the game every day at work, whether it’s testing various features in studio-wide events, using the game to research the handling qualities of a particular car I’m writing about, or simply taking a break from work and firing up a favorite Rivals event. I think it speaks to the quality of the game we’ve developed that I’m not close to being tired of playing, and I’m really looking forward to forming a car club with some friends (including a bunch of Turn 10 folks) and continuing to race on my own time. So while I’m leaving Turn 10, I’ll be around in the game. Look for my new gamertag, ApexHunter, coming online in a few days (but please don’t look too hard at my lap times – I’m working on them!). See you on down the road! 


Thanks Alex! We’ll see you online! 



o Aperture o Lambo Adventure 

Before I head out for the weekend, I wanted to leave you with a cool story from one of our community members, o Aperture o, who recently got a chance to get some serious track time in a very serious car: a Lamborghini Gallardo on Silverstone. You can read the full story and see photographs here but here’s a quote to whet your appetite: 

First lap easy, learning where the brake/apex points are, learning where the pedals lie yet again. Second lap faster still, it's getting smoother and I'm starting to get used to it. The acceleration is brutal, but I hardly notice as my heart is thumping so much. The braking is savagely effective, but strangely smooth with it. The car turns on a point like a swingball around the pole, it has astonishing levels of grip. 

That’s all for this week folks! Don’t forget our Saturday Game With Turn 10 event and we’ll see you next week. 


Level Up Wear Giveaway 

Level Up Wear (the folks who are selling our Forza Motorsport-brandedT-shirts) will soon be selling a brand new Forza Motorsport 4 watch. To celebrate, they’re running a contest for the next week with the grand prize being one of these sweet stainless steel watches. Head on over to the Level Up Wear Facebook page for details on how to enter.


Enjoy your weekend folks. We'll see you online in Forza 4!